There may be many reasons why you might have to create another Gmail accounts and email address. Maybe, you may be eager to make suitable use of the Google tools to that an individual may simply get access after registering for Gmail. You may have got fed up with additional email service providers that provide little storage capacity to your mailbox. No matter how many Gmail account you create – now you can access all of them under one Gmail account login.

Yes, you read correctly. Gmail has account merge feature that lets you to login to multiple Gmail accounts easily and keep them managed under one primary Gmail account.

Let’s take a look at Gmail account login process

Go to the website

Enter the information like Email or Phone number then click on Next button. In case, you forgot your email address then click on “Forgot Email” option. And, if you do not know the password then click on more options and follow the steps.

Now enter the password of your respective email address and click on Next button. It will take you to your Gmail inbox.

The Gmail account login takes just a few seconds if you correctly know your password and username.

What is Google Caffeine and why you need Google account login for this?

Rather just simply present new developments within the current system, Google has chosen to retool the search engine using an objective of attaining greater speed, more excellent indexing and relevant search results. Google Caffeine is your newest upgrade coming into the Google research engine, however, unlike other updates, Google Caffeine is a reboot of this search engine.

Each new upgrade may incorporate a feature, or perhaps boost functionality, but as time continues, the whole of these parts becomes more cluttered. By beginning with a clean slate, Google can apply the latest technology in an organized manner so as to achieve the best outcomes. Computer programs that get regular updates are not too different. Therefore, it is important that one must have Google sign-in account to access this state of the art search engine capabilities.

1. Size

The more results which could be found, the better outcomes which may be accomplished inside the search result pages. Google Caffeine increases the dimensions of this index, with a few research results pulling back fifty percent more details. Though about raw size, Microsoft’s Bing appears to get the most important index.

2. Speed

Speed is not nearly loading the results quickly. Google can also be aiming for Google Caffeine to accelerate the time required to discover a page online and add it to their catalog. But this is the chief objective of Google Caffeine, also when testing in the sandbox isn’t any sign, Google has attained this goal. Search results are loading up to two times as fast as previous effects, although performance may be affected when it’s rolled out into the planet as a whole.

3. Relevancy

While size and speed would be the easiest to examine, the significance of Google Caffeine’s search results may make the largest difference.

Google is working to make an intelligent algorithm that may bring better results suited to the search questions. This usually means attempting to translate what the individual is looking for and bringing relevant pages. Also, it means a larger emphasis on the focused word phrases.

How to report a bug in Gmail account login?

If you talk about the Gmail bug you have struck with Google, there is an excellent chance you aren’t going to encounter it — and many others won’t need to take care of it ever. Mention the problem to Google, which is the easiest process to do.

Assess Gmail’s status.

Google may already know about the problem you’re viewing and working on a solution.

If your issue is visible somewhere in Gmail — when a web page or email doesn’t load correctly, state, or you get an odd error message attempt to replicate the bug and make it visible.

  • Click on the Settings gear on your Gmail’s toolbar.
  • Select Send comments or Report a bug in the menu which comes up.
  • Describe the Gmail bug you’reexperiencing
  • After completing the asked information, click Next button
  • Highlight the area by drawing a rectangle with the mouse
  • You may also click any place that lights up as you move the mouse cursor on it to highlight it
  • Remove a highlight, then move the mouse cursor on it and then click on the x that appears in its upper right corner.
  • It’s possible to scroll down the page to emphasize a place initially from sight. To highlight an area covered by the Send comments pane, click Send Feedback tab, which will minimize the pane.