Having a Gmail account is such a blessing as it let us keep our email conversations organized with Priority inbox, Social Inbox, Promotion Inbox and Update Inbox. Then we can create filters and similar to these perform various other functionalities. But when we start receiving junk emails and newsletters in bulk then it becomes a nightmare. One day I wake up, had my coffee and accessed my Gmail login – to my surprise there are more than 50 Newsletter and mailing lists in my inbox. Then I eventually decided to find a solution of this problem. Also, it is important for you to access your Gmail login new account in order to manage your email conversations efficiently.

So now when I finally found the solution How to Unsubscribe from Junk Newsletters and Mailing Lists in Gmail – I would like to share it with you.

There is a free online service called unroll.me that enables you to unsubscribe from junk newsletters and emailing lists. However, for unroll.me to work automatically you have to give the full access to your Gmail mailbox, contacts. And still you do not have a Google account then go for Gmail signup first.

But wait you cannot use Unroll.me – why?

Because it is allegedly found guilty in selling information extracted from associated Gmail accounts.

So now the question is what should we do next? Is there any other safe and efficient method that can help us to unsubscribe us from these junk emails?

Or should you just create Gmail account and start using it leaving the previous one as it is for junk emails.


There is an Easy Google Script that parses the information of all majority emails and finds that the unsubscribe link. If the link is detected, the script opens the connection and your email will be automatically unsubscribed. In some instances, the majority sender could ask you to send a message to a particular email address to unsubscribe along with also our Google script may do this too.

The significant benefit is you do not need to give access to a Gmail accounts to any third party support, and you can add subscription mails into the unsubscribe queue out of any email client such as mobile and desktop programs. Note – you do not need to create Gmail new account to access these scripts just log in to existing account.

Step 1–You can make the copy the Gmail Unsubscriber sheet in your Google drive by accessing the following link:


Step 2 – In the Google sheet visit the Google menu and select the Configure tab. Now, allow the respective script to access your Gmail account. It is just an open source Google script that runs and does not upload or store any data.

Step 3 –In the inbox, enter the name of the label (for instance, in such scenario you can name it as Unsubscribe). And now all the email threads marked under this label will unsubscribed. Once done save the changes.

The Gmail Unsubscriber app is just initialized and operating in the background. Now you can use the Unsubscribe tag to some email message from Gmail, and you are going to be automatically unsubscribed in few seconds. Everything is tucked from the Google Sheet to help that you understand what is happening behind the scenes.

What are the most popular Gmail scripts?

If you are seeking a programmatic access to most Gmail products then you can easily have it. Google offers such access to its following list of:

Google analytics, maps, Gmail, Google drive, Google docs, Contacts and calendar.

Google scripts are written on simple JavaScript and hosted on Google server.

List of most useful Google apps scripts

When you make gmail.com log in, it let you access the following Google apps scripts:

  1. Gmail Unsubscribe – It let you to unsubscribe automatically from the mailing list and junk newsletters.
  2. Amazon Price Tracker –Keep an eye on costs of one’s preferred products and obtain e-mail alerts once the prices go up or down.
  3. Website Uptime Monitor – Get immediate email and SMS alerts when your sites travel down. Tracking all of your web domains at no cost is possible.
  4. Gmail Autoresponder – use the pre-written templates to reply one or more email messages in your Gmail sign in accounts Gmail login.
  5. Retweet & Favorite Bot–It is another Twitter bot that will automatically retweet the matching tweets.
  6. Send to Google Drive–With Save Emails add-on you can directly save your Gmail attachments and emails to Google Drive.
  7. Mail Merge with Gmail–Using the Mail merge add-on send the personalized email messages to your contact list.
  8. Google Form File Uploads – You’re able to get files directly from your Google Drive from anybody through HTML forms made with HTMLService.

It is advisable to go for Gmail create account in order to access these scripts easily for your benefits. Also, you will be able to use them only when you make proper Gmail account login.

There are also several other Gmail sign up tricks if you would like to read then visit our blog.