Tons of people assert several Google account for some factors. Perhaps your day is chiefly spent within Gmail and Google Calendar connected with your job account, but you want to save files within Google Drive of your Google login Account.

Just go to the site and sign-in with the other Google account inside the same browser session.

Google will make it effortless for you to sign-in to numerous Google accounts concurrently, so you do not need to log from one log in accounts to check emails of another one.

Switch Gmail account in just one step – Save yourself from frequent Gmail login new account

Step 1–Log in to your Gmail account and click your profile image in the upper right corner and here you can see the added Gmail accounts in the drop-down. Just click on one which you want to access and it will open that Gmail account. In case you do not have one yet then first go to Gmail sign up page.

The default, the one who seems in addition to the list, will be the one which you signed up with the original. Therefore, if you sort on your browser address bar, are always going to need your Gmail accounts. Should you want to put another Google accounts as the default, you would need to sign-out of existing accounts and sign-in initial with this consideration.

How to add Gmail account?

Step 1–Go to the and sign in to your primary Gmail account. If you do not have an account then first go to Gmail signup page.

Step 2–Now click on the image icon which is on the top right corner of the page.

Step 3–In the drop down there is an option of “Add Account”

Step 4–Click on it and enter the Gmail email address and password which you want to add

5 Hidden Features of log in

Gmail is a popular email client. In the present generation of web and computer users, then you’ll occasionally find anybody with no Gmail sign in accounts Gmail login account. The accessible Support for Gmail is also magnificent. Additionally, Gmail has quite a few attributes which make managing emails simpler as well as better privacy in addition to data protection attributes.

You can access these features easily once create a Gmail account by visiting

1. Easy Identification of Email Subscription

Now you can easily manage any newsletter subscriptions which you would have had with the support of this “+” attribute. It is possible to add filters that will filter out all the emails with the “+,” and you’ll be able to assign them out effortlessly.

2. Mute conversations

Tired of this off-topic administrative rants in your B2B mailing list but do not want to unsubscribe from your list? And it feels ridiculous to sign up for Gmail new account just to avoid such emails. Gmail includes an easy remedy for this dilemma –Just mute the conversation. Simply muting the conversation and the thread will not be bumped back into your Inbox anytime new messages have been received.

3. Search operators and Advanced Search

As soon as you’ve been using Gmail for a little while, you will start to enjoy the innovative search operators attribute. Can you recall getting an email with an attachment around Christmas but do not remember who it was from? You may use the Gmail advanced search feature to seek messages that satisfy your requirements. This feature is only accessible when you Gmail create an account or have a valid Gmail account login.

4. SMS from Gmail

Expand Gmail Chat into SMS, and you’ll be able to take your conversations even on the move. If you are worried that nefarious spammers may abuse this attribute, do not worry because Google has executed a means to block incoming text messages. Learn to get the absolute most from this Gmail feature: Text Messages.

5. Gmail Security – Checklist

This is the final thing on my list but certainly not the least significant. Ensure you abide by all the safety tips on this list to assist in preventing unwanted use of your accounts. Gmail’s Security Checklist is categorized into five distinct classes: Your Computer, Your Browser, Your Google Account, and Your Gmail Settings along with Final Reminders. I would suggest going through this checklist once a month to make certain you’re account always protected.

6. Keyboard shortcuts

Windows operating systems, Mac OS, and many software programs have their group of keyboard shortcuts, however, so does the Gmail. When you incorporate the keyboard shortcuts for a couple of frequently used tasks, you might discover you’re going to perform considerably faster on your email. Pay attention to the Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts webpage to learn more about the shortcuts, for example, computer requirements.