You most likely have a Google account exactly like anyone else online or if not then you should create Gmail account now to access all its incredible features. While this statement is oversimplified, it’s undoubted that Google is among the most popular Internet businesses on the market.

This may be credited to the corporation’s free services such as Gmail or Search for anything else. For Google, it has the benefit that it’s still perceived as a great email client.

Ho to create a Gmail account?

Visit the following website link for easy Gmail signup –

Here mention all the details asked for Gmail sign upincluding First name, last name, Select your username, enter the password, the confirm the same password, Enter your right birth date, month and year. Now select your Gender, enter your valid phone number, your current email address (and if you do not have one then enter any family members email address, else leave the column blank), select your location.

Click one Next Step.

Here click on “I Agree”. As soon as you click on it. It will creata e Gmail account.

While using a Google account is terrific for most users, it will have privacy and other values. Google provides access to some set of attributes and modifications which you could make to your accounts, to enhance it.

The next guide highlights the main features which you could make for your account to boost its privacy or safety.

Access following features after completing Gmail create account process

1. Shared Endorsements

Shared Endorsements link your photograph on Google to advertisements that the business displays. Thus, if you +1, follow along with a review or discuss a product or business, you might be the new temporary poster face for this product or business.

2. Two-step verification

2-Step confirmation adds another layer of security to your Google account. A “hacker or imposter” cannot do anything with your password and username when triggered, as a secondary password must complete the sign-in procedure.

While it takes more time to register, it enhances your account’s safety by a mile. Notice that this implies you will link a phone number to the Google accounts that you might not wish to perform due to the privacy implications related to that.

3. Web History

The Google web history logs all the information that you hunt by default. While that could be helpful at times since it is possible to look this up again, you might choose to block this feature because of privacy issues which you might have.

Even though Google will still log exactly what you do, the data might not be utilized in Google items like Google Now.

4. Email via Google Plus

This recent partitioning change enables anyone using a Google+ accounts to send you an email address. People who are in your circles when sending messages, it will automatically land on your main inbox on Gmail, while messages from other users from the social category rather.

If you don’t enjoy the concept that anybody can email you, even if they don’t have your email address, then turn off it Gmail.

5. Recent Activity

The current action web page lists important account special activities like signing or the sign up for any new feature and app, change or deletion of passwords.

For every task, a date and place are displayed that you might find useful in determining whether you created that change, or somebody else.

6. Account Permissions

All devices, services, and goods, as well as apps, will be listed othe n Account Permission page, which you’ve permitted to access (part) your Google account. You may use the page to test which programs, devices and services have access to a Google account, and revoke that access.

This is for empowerment utilizing Google’s authorization assistance, Android devices which you’ve enrolled, or apps using Google services.

7. Disable Google Plus

If you don’t use Google’s social networking support, then you might choose to disable it. Since Google will include an account for you once you’re developing a brand new Google account, it could be important that you disable it.

8. App Passwords

They’re custom created passwords for all those apps and solutions, and while there’s no need to create several ever, it is possible to incorporate multiple application-specific passwords into your accounts theoretically.

Application particular passwords come into play when you’ve triggered 2-Step Authentication. Some services and programs don’t encourage 2-Step, so you want to use application passwords instead.

9. Change your Gmail login password

Altering your Google account password onto this particular page is possible. This can become significant if a person tricked you into giving up your password, or when you’ve got the certainty or feeling that something isn’t perfect and your account is compromised.